Sunday, March 29, 2009

April 2009 Shows

April 27th
Professor Alfred Hermida from the UBC School of Journalism discusses how journalism and forms of media are changing (he is an authority on digital journalism, having been a founding member of as well the rise of social media and the role of citizen journalism.

April 20th - Guest Host Andy Torr
Professor Scott Hinch from the UBC Faculty of Forestry discusses his research on salmon migration as well as his role as Director of the UBC undergraduate program in Natural ResourcesConservation; the largest and fastest growing applied environmental science programs on campus and one of a kind in Canada.

April 13th - Easter Monday

April 6th
Professor Emeritus and renowned pianist Robert Silverman, from the UBC School of Music discusses his beginnings; what ultimately motivated him to become a pianist and teach piano at UBC and how he continues to strive to "bring notes on a page to life as vividly as possible".

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