Saturday, February 28, 2009

March 2009 Shows

March 30th
Dr. Carl Wieman, Nobel laureate, discusses his beginnings and the research that led him to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001.  He also discusses the goals of the Carl Weiman Science Education Initiative at UBC to achieve highly effective, evidence based science education for all post-secondary students by applying the latest advances in pedagogical and organization excellence.

March 23rd
Dr. Michael Hayden, UBC Department of Medical Genetics and Canada's Health Researcher of the Year, 2008.  Dr Hayden discusses his goals to understand how changes in specific genes result in specific diseases, usually in adult life, in particular Huntington disease.  He also discusses his Ripples of Hope Foundation that will bring trainees from Africa to Canada to study in four areas of global health. 

March 16th
Professor Tara Lee, Department of English discusses her research interest in minority Canadian Literature, specifically Asian Canadian literature and her motivation for and philosophy in teaching it.  She also answers the question, what can you do with an English degree besides teach?

March 9th
Dean of Applied Science, Dr. Aboulnasr discusses her recent appointment to the faculty as well as her research in Electrical Engineering in the field of digital signal processing and her role as the principal investigator on an interdisciplinary inter-university project on smart hearing aids with Siemens, Germany.  

March 2nd
Cathleen With, MFA graduate from UBC Creative Writing Department discusses the debut of her first novel, Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison.

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