Friday, January 7, 2011

January & February 2011 Shows

February 15

Dr. Carlos Ventura, from the department of Civil Engineering will discuss his role as the Director of the Earthquake Engineering Research facility at UBC as well as some of the recent seismic trends in structural engineering.

February 1

Dean of Arts and Haitian scholar, Gage Averill will discuss his new role at UBC as well as his recent Grammy nomination for his project, Alan Lomax in Haiti: Recordings for the Library of Congress, 1936-1937.

January 25

Dr. Perry Adebar from the Department of Civil Engineering will discuss structural engineering as a field of study as well as his current research on Concrete Structures and Seismic Design.

January 11

Dr. Denise Gomes, Brazilian archaeologist from the University of the State of São Paulo, will discuss her current research project on the Art and Cosmologies of Amazonian pre-colonial Indians and that of the Northwest Coast of Canada. Gomes was a visiting scholar at UBC in November of 2010.

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